Preparation: Tilling the Soil – April 15, 2012

Turns out that my little companion book for Square Foot Gardening is helping us a great deal.  The author, Mel Bartholomew highly stresses the importance of soil preparation in order to create a rich growing environment. This includes good old fashioned hard work turning the soil again and again, and mixing it with some compost prior to sowing and planting seedlings. I would have just jumped right in!  However, our friend Daniel Lanzilotta (the Mindful Chef) stepped in to share some gardening wisdom so we can be fully prepared to go to the next step!

Quick Tip from the Mindful Chef….

Before starting a garden, make sure you have

1)  A Proper Location

2)  Plenty of Sun

3)  Access to Water

4)  Access to a Vehicle

5)  Proper Tools

Now that we have the proper tools, we created two 5 x 10 grids made of 1” wide wood slats that were pre-cut for us at Home Depot.  We’ve got our gloves, a rake, shovel, trowels, a bucket and a watering can.  Now we can finely till and water the soil before we begin transplanting many of our seedlings that have been growing in our Greenhouse kits.  Voila!

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