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I was inspired to create the characters and the “Go Green and Giggle” theme because of my love of nature and working with kids. In my early career just after college, I was a performer (dancer/singer) at Disney and loved to make kids smile. I moved on to have a full time professional career in the performing arts, which included working on Broadway in musical theatre. As a comedic actress, singer and dancer, I enjoyed making people laugh.

Twenty years later, I am still a kid in a 40 something body and want to preserve my “inner child” as much as possible. Now that I am getting older, I want to find fun ways to do so and age gracefully.

I have come to embrace the idea of “Going Green”, but wish to find ways to make it fun and engaging – so that it doesn’t become a chore. I also believe you do not need to preach to share the journey of going green and living a healthy lifestyle. The phrase “Go Green and Giggle” seems to be catching on, so I decided to enthusiastically spread the word via my new blog!

I recently made a huge move from Greenwich, CT to Atlanta, Georgia to be with my now extended family; which includes my boyfriend and his two wonderful kids! I have a new role and hope that you can join me as we make new discoveries together, and join in the fun with Sunflower Suzi and Friends!

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