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See what people are saying about our “Go Green and Giggle” books, themed programs and products for kids!

“Sunflower Suzi and her Gigglin’ Garden Gand is such a fun story! My students enjoyed all the hilarious jokes and while laughing, they were learning about the life cycle of a plant to how to be green.
We visited the website and they absolutely loved the catchy rap-along tune “Go Green and Giggle”. I’m looking forward to more educational opportunities with Sunflower Suzi”

Erike Toorean M.ED
Grade 2 Teacher and Educator 20+ years
Midland School
Rye, NY
“What a great way to start Read Across America Week with Dana Mauro. My students love Go Green and Giggle and The Gigglin’ Garden Gang! The hands-on approach to reading and learning was great.

Erin Prosser
Library Media Specialist
Hampton Township School District
Allison Park, PA
“As an educator for over 20, I look at products for children from a different perspective. Children learn best when they can actively participate and hand’s on learning provides this opportunity. ”Go Green and Giggle” introduces children to the world of gardening, planting and growing. They can learn all about things found in the garden through the lovable characters in the book, Randy Radish, Ollie Onion, just to name a few.
I believe the Gigglin’ Garden Gand provides any educator or parent a wonderful platform in which to engage and expand upon children’s knowledge on how things grow. Getting one’s hands dirty takes on a whole new meaning that kids will love!”

Michelle Trettle M.E.D.
Director: The Education Center at the Watson Institute of Learning
Sewickley, PA
“My name is Natalie and I am a third grade teacher in Moon Township, PA. Your book was given to me by the BSC (Behavioral Services Consultant) for one of my students. After reading the book we planted sunflower seeds on Earth Day. I am using your transplanting page on your site to show students how to transplant their sunflower when it’s too big for their pot.
Your book is great and engaging for younger students. I will continue to use this book in the future, but I will pair it up with your website for a technology based science Earth Day lesson! In addition, my daughter also reads the book and thought it was great, she even wanted to plant their own sunflower seed after reading it.”

Natalie E.
Third grade teacher and mom
Brooks Elementary
Moon Township, PA
“Hi, I am a teachers aide in the child development program at Mt. Lebanon High School. One of my high schools students ran into you and you gave her a copy of the “Go Green and Giggle” book that we just love. The story and illustrations are wonderful. We (the child development teacher, myself and 32 High School students) run a 10 week preschool program at the high school and plan to use your books for one of the lessons. Is there a way to purchase them?”

Thank you,
Mandy D.
Mt. Lebanon, PA
Dear Readers,
The answer to this question is YES! CONTACT US at
212-769-8423 to inquire about ordering in volume for your early elementary or pre-school programs or email your inquiry to info@gigglingardengang.com

Best regards,
Dana Lynn Mauro
“My son (9) loved your presentation! Hope we can do more with you in the future! Thanks so much.”

Lisa Beebe: Director of Horticulture
Garden Education Center of Greenwich, CT
Regarding “Go Green and Giggle” story time fun and cultural arts activity at the 49th Annual May Gardeners Market.
“Hi Dana.
I went to Meder’s Home and Garden and picked up “Go Green and Giggle” to see if it would be useful in my sessions with kids. It was useful today with one kid who has Reactive Attachment Disorder but is now adopted by a good family that wants to help him. He was able to smile at the jokes. I have worked with him for eight months and have not seen him smile. Thanks for that.
I let him keep the book so he can learn something further from it. I have to go back to the store for more so I can use them for other therapy sessions.”

Joseph Smith M.ED
Former School Counselor
Behavioral Therapist-Community Wraparound Program
Pittsburgh, PA
“Dear Joseph,
Thank you very much for reaching out to me about this. I am very happy to hear that you can incorporate this into your work with kids!
You know, I put “extended family” into the books for a specific reason; to show that these characters are like a family and take care of each other. It was one of my objectives to make the Gigglin’ Garden Gang and the Friendly Plant Pals set an example for kids to relate to… and as for the garden aspect, nurturing and having patience is another theme I wanted to touch upon in a way that the kids don’t realize they’re learning, because they are having fun!”

Best regards,
Dana Lynn Mauro
Hi Dana, (Follow up note from Joseph)
I used the materials you provided in different schools today. The kids really like the book and I had them plant their own seeds in (the garden) kits. They loved it and they laughed at the jokes too. I have some ideas that would like to share some different ways to adapt the Gigglin’ Garden Gang to appropriate therapeutic activities.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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