Inspiration: Exploring the Outdoors – February 4, 2012

It’s early February and it feels more like a mid spring day, so I hopped on my bike to get an outdoor workout.  I recently moved from Connecticut to a town just south of Atlanta, GA called Peachtree City.  I’m learning to navigate the numerous golf cart and walking paths that are accessible throughout this picturesque suburban community.   Peachtree City’s hallmark is its 90-mile network of multi-use paths where residents can go from neighborhood to shopping centers, schools, and parks through the wooded scenery.  It’s amazing!

As I approached the paths bordering Lake Peachtree, I could see activity throughout; kids out riding their bikes and climbing trees, even fishing!  I watched older couples walking hand-in-hand and young parents venturing out with their toddlers and pets.  As the wind blew a breeze through the pine trees, I stopped to take a deep breath, and to my surprise I found myself directly across from the entrance of what will become the new community garden. I heard from the locals at the Farmers Market they’d be breaking ground soon.  And I’ve driven by in my car a few times before out of curiosity.  I was truly excited to see what was once an abandoned site is now inspiration for renewal, rebirth and growth.  The sign read “Peachtree Community Garden – A Project of Fresh South”.

The new site of the Peachtree Community Garden - coming soon!

I spotted the founding members clearing the lot, digging in and turning the soil.  One man smiled and then shouted out “We’re taking volunteers.”  Guess I’m in!  I look forward to getting my hands dirty and being a part of this new community within a community!  It’s amazing how inspiration can be shared and ignited from enjoying the simplest things :)

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