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“Children can learn best when they actively participate and hand’s on learning provides this opportunity.”

“Go Green and Giggle introduces children to the world of gardens, planting and growing.  I believe the Gigglin’ Garden Gang provides any educator or parent with a wonderful platform on which to engage and expand upon children’s knowledge”

Michele Trettel, M. ED
Director: The Education Center at The Watson Institute: Pittsburgh, PA

Children Author Donates Books and Mural to LEAP Preschool

Pittsburg native Dana Lynn Mauro, author of Go Green and Giggle with Sunflower Suzi, a children’s book featuring the antics of the Gigglin’ Garden Gang, donated a number of her books to Watson’s LEAP Preschool Library.  This educational book features over a dozen characters that giggle in their garden and has a special surprise ending.  Mauro wanted her book and cultural arts program to be fun and uniquely interactive, and felt strongly about relating to all kids.  She realized early on that these quirky characters were special, but witnessing the impact they had with kids, particularly children on the Autism spectrum, has been particularly rewarding.

In addition, Ms. Mauro partnered with a friend, local artist Michelle Goyak, to design and paint a mural of the Gigglin’ Garden Gang at Watson’s LEAP Preschool.  Michelle’s murals use the can you find…hidden pictures theme and she incorporated the theme with the book characters.  Now as students read the Go Green and Giggle book, they can have an interactive experience with Sunfower Suzi and her gang.

community outreach

Go Green and Giggle books, music, and activity kits are available on in our store, on, and at specialty retailers.

Michelle Goyak’s work can be found on her myspace site.

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