Getting Started

Planting seeds to grow.  Let The Gigglin’ Garden Gang® show you how!
Have an adult help.  You can plant the seeds found in your book!


  1. Turn Pellets “circle side up” into the greenhouse kit.  Slowly pour warm water over the pellets.
  2. Watch the pellets absorb the water!  It may take up to 2 minutes to expand.
  3. Have an adult help by pinching the sides to loosen the soil.
  4. Now it’s time to sow your seeds!
  5. Sow each seed into the center and push in until the seed is lightly covered with soil.
  6. Close the clear cover and place it in a sunny spot!*
  7. Be sure to water your seed when the soil looks dry.  You can also use a mister to the spray soil to keep it moist.

*Seedlings take about 7-14 days to emerge.

“Little sprout with his sunflower sprout”

Click on the sunflower to see the progress from seed to sunflower!

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